Ponies, begone!

Since my last post about how to block users in DeviantArt search results, I’ve since switched to the Opera browser and can thus use the excellent DeviantArt Filter.

Really nice filter, and mature in version 5.0. It just adds a cross on the top left of visual search results. Really easy to block and unblock wanted DA posters of ponies, mega-boobs and Five Nights At Freddy’s stuff.


“SketchBook is now FREE”

Autodesk has announced that… “starting today, the fully featured version of SketchBook is now FREE for everyone!” ‘Free’ applies to all versions, from 64-bit desktop to Android app. You’ll need to make a free Autodesk account to use it, though that’s fairly simple. https://sketchbook.com/

How to block selected posters from DeviantArt results

We all love browsing DeviantArt. But sometimes you want to block the appearance of preview pictures from the guy who’s just posted 50 3D pictures of ‘the megaboobs girls’? Yeah, you know the guy, and there’s another 50 coming tomorrow. Here’s how to block.

1. Install AdBlockPlus and its Element Hiding Helper addon in your Web browser. (I’m using Firefox 55, Desktop. Note that the latest Firefox has been ruined, as they’ve moved to a new add-on system and can no longer handle useful add-ons like these).

2. Click the new AdBlockPlus icon on your browser. Open ‘Filter Preferences’ | ‘Element Hiding Rules’.

3. Click the ‘Add Filter’ button. And add…


Where (importantly) the USERNAME is truncated by one letter (USERNAM). Thus the blocking command line for Element Hiding Helper to block faterkcx preview pictures becomes ||*.deviantart.net*faterkc*.*

After adding the command to Element Hiding Helper, when you’re browsing search results of various kinds you’ll see that all preview images by faterkcx are blocked. You can still mouseover the blank image, and see what the title was, and the name of the poster, and click through if you want. So it’s a fairly limited, but effective, block and makes your DeviantArt experience more enjoyable.

If you use another ad-blocker that offers element hiding, it should be possible to translate the format so the same method works there. But element hiding is so useful, that you may want to consider swapping your ad-blocker to get it.

Sketchbook on Fire (or not…)

It’s now been several months since Autodesk SketchBook 4.0 for Android on the Google Play Store. Among other cool new features, it has a new Predictive Stroke (£4 paid version only), which smooths the line after you draw it.

Very nice, but will Kindle Fire HD 10″ users ever get v4.0? As of today the Kindle App Store users are still stuck with version 3.2, from summer 2015.

Clip Studio Paint update

News from the makers of Clip Studio Paint (better known as Manga Studio)…

“New update to be released within 2017! More than 100 functions will be added and improved, including ‘Quick Access’ for a more efficient production.”

Also a new micro-currency, to purchase naff clipart backgrounds. Not so good.

Still, you can’t sniff at the big discounts which are still on. Clip Studio Paint Pro for $25 at Smith Micro.

Manga Studio released for the iPad

Clip Studio Paint (formerly much better known as Manga Studio), has a new version. Clip Studio Paint EX for iPad, just released.

“Apple Pencil support and makes full use of its precise pressure sensors and tilt detection, accurately adjusting line thickness and shades according to pressure and tilt for an almost hand drawn feel.”

Note that…

“Customers who install and register their download by 20th December (Wed), will be able to use the application free of charge for 6 months instead of $8.99 USD per month.”

Interestingly, the first comment at iTunes is…

“App looks like it has full desktop functionality and will even download your materials from the cloud if you have a Clip Studio account.”