What’s new in Sketchbook Pro 2015?

Here’s the complete rundown for “What new?” in Sketchbook Pro 2015

* A new perspective tool: improve your drawing accuracy and reduce guesswork about where perspective lines should go. Use a range of “camera angles” with this. Here’s the video…

* Enhanced color blending… “for manipulating color across an entire layer”.

* Smart colorize: “You can also use the color blending mode in SketchBook Pro to colorize a black & white image while retaining the black & white values of the underlying painting.”

* The Flipbook tool for basic animation. This ports in the Grease Pencil technology from the Autodesk’s high-end Maya 3D software.

If you can’t afford this new business version of Sketchbook Pro, note that both the boxed and the download version of the earlier Sketchbook Pro 6 are currently available for a mere $19 on Amazon. So far as I can tell, this should(?) get you on an upgrade path for the new consumers/individual version that is set to replace Sketchbook Pro 6 in summer 2014. Yes, their version range is rather confusing: so much so that I made a guide.


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