Tutorial: Importing 3d render layers into Sketchbook Pro

I found an excellent new 27-minute video tutorial from James Abell, on how to bring in and work on setting up and blending 3D render ‘reference layers’ in Sketchbook Pro. It’s clearly presented and spoken…


His renders are from 3ds Max. Note that Max is not the 3d application that 99.9% of sketchers will want to use to make reference renders, as it’s fiendishly complex pro 3d software (not to mention, expensive). The free Daz Studio is vastly easier for the average creative to use, and has access to a whole load of pre-built royalty-free content including free poseable figures. If all you need is the 3d perspective on buildings and a little untextured shading, also look at the free Google SketchUp.


2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Importing 3d render layers into Sketchbook Pro

  1. Hello, thanks for sharing my videos on your blog. I really appreciate that it helps others and others are starting to find them online. I agree in comparison to other software, 3ds Max is expensive and yes complex. I got the Max license years ago and kept up with the upgrades because of commercial work. However, for people wanting to get into 3d now, it is amazing with the cheap and free tools out there, wow!

    I don’t ever remember trying Daz, I am sure it is good. I also use Blender, while complicated sometimes and somewhat eccentric compared to Max, it is a very very good free tool to make reference renders. I am currently working on a tutorial using Blender and also the free software Krita –

    However, you could easily change the Krita part to Sketchbook Pro! I haven’t finished the last episodes of that tutorial yet but it will be finished soon. Another good one would be poser to use these techniques for scenes with details of people.

    Best regards,

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