Tutorial: Out of the mists

I’m a sucker for ‘depth haze’ in imaginative landscapes, and tiny figures for scale (my DAZ 3 depth haze tutorial is here, if you want to make reference backdrops for import into Sketchbook). And Chad Weatherford offers this effect in spades, as he gives 90 minutes of free tutorial on landscape painting with mist and haze. This was originally part of Imagine FX magazine’s Sept 2013 issue (No.99, which also has a Sparth tutorial), where you’ll also find Chad’s clear twelve-step description of the process. The voiceless video starts with the results of some photobashed cutouts placed in layers on top of a basic atmosphere in Photoshop, to provide the backdrop for the overpainting…


Amazingly, this has only had 140 views on YouTube, despite being available for six months.


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