New Sketchbook Pro features

Gradient flood fills, coming soon to the new Sketchbook Pro. With Linear and Radial gadiants, plus the ability to flip the gradient.


Enhance Gradients via Layer Blend modes…


Distort Transform of layers, too… (so cool!)…



New 6-hour Toonbox course: Make Comic Strips with Sketchbook

A very cool new 6-hour video course in making comics with Sketchbook Pro, taught by the excellent tutor Paris Christou. “How to Make Comic Strips!” is available at Toonbox Studio. here’s the video trailer…

* Brainstorm your characters’ personality and enviroment.
* Learn the keys to coming up with stories, gags and jokes.
* Create character model sheets.
* Simplify your characters.
* Create character pose reference sheets.
* How to create speech balloons and panels.
* How to create backgrounds.
* How to choose suitable fonts.
* Marketing and making money from your work.
+ See Paris take three scripts to complete comic strips, start-to-finish in real-time!

Gravity Sketch

The Gravity Sketch, from London, UK. Sketch in space with …

* A transparent tablet with an embedded Arduino chip
* An infrared stylus
* Augmented reality glasses

Wear the AR glasses, draw 3d designs. See them hover in the air above the tablet. Rotate them with the stylus, as if they were a 3d model.

Now that’s a cool pad. Sadly we can’t buy it yet /whahhhaaa!!/ The team are still waiting for the UK Patent Office to award a patent.