Lovecraft sketches

I love the idea of sketches visualising H.P. Lovecraft‘s brief ideas for unwritten stories (which he left behind after his death). Sadly there are not many such sketches online. These are some of the best I found…


“As dinosaurs were once surpassed by mammals, so will man-mammal [humans] be surpassed by insect or bird — fall of man before the new race.”

Rick Sardinha


“Ancient and unknown ruins — strange and immortal bird who SPEAKS in a language horrifying and revelatory to the explorers.”



“Life and Death: Death— its desolation and horror— bleak spaces— sea-bottom—dead cities. But Life— the greater horror! Vast unheard-of reptiles and leviathans— hideous beasts of prehistoric jungle— rank slimy vegetation— evil instincts of primal man— Life is more horrible than death.”

Mockman | Jason Thompson

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