Autodesk Artists In Residence

Autodesk has an Artists In Residence programme. Fab! “We are now accepting applications for 2015”. Fabber!



Autodesk Sketchbook for Windows Tablet

Autodesk has swopped out its free Sketchbook Express app in the Windows Store, instead promoting the newer free app called Autodesk Sketchbook for Windows Tablet which has 10 brushes. The latter ‘for Windows Tablet’ version for Surface Pro users, can be upgraded for $25 a year.


Inkscape: major new version, and still free

A new release for Inkscape, four years after the last one. It’s the must-have free ‘open source’ software for opening the wealth of SVG clip-art. In the new release…

* new internal graphics rendering engine, Cairo.

* new Trace Pixel Art feature enables creation of vector art from bitmaps, sprites, and icons.

* new Symbols Library provides reusable graphics elements — you can even read in Visio symbol libraries.

* new file formats are supported, including FXG, SIF and HTML5 export; and VSD and CDR import. EMF/WMF are now readable and writable for all platforms. And XCF, PDF, EPS, and PS+LaTeX support are improved.

* Over a dozen new extensions [plugins] are added in this release, including an Isometric Grid Generator, a Bitmap Cropper, a Text Extractor and a Text Merger, an HSL Adjuster, a Font Replacer, a Voronoi Diagram Creator, and more.

* 64-bit Windows version.