How to fix Corel Painter 2017’s “Please reinstall Painter from original source” problem

Here’s how to solve the Corel Painter 2017 bug, which prevents Painter from launching, with a Windows Error Message: “Please reinstall Painter from original source”. (Probably this is happening after you’ve not used it for a while, and in the meantime have perhaps used an over-zealous Registry Cleaner software). It’s no use re-installing. What you need to do is…

1. Go to your Windows Start menu and type in: services then click on the Services programme to start it up.

2. In the list found inside Services, scroll down to find both instances of ‘Corel Licence Validation Service’. Right-click on each of these and then select Properties (NOT ‘Restart’).

3. Switch the service’s Startup type to “Automatic”, then click to ‘Start’ up the service. Click Apply, OK. Then do the same for the other instance of the ‘Corel Licence Validation Service’.

Painter should now launch.


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