How to pan and zoom the canvas in Sketchbook Pro

For total newcomers to Sketchbook, here are the absolute basic steps on enabling the option of moving the canvas around in Sketchbook Pro:

1. You need to go to the Lagoon in the corner of your screen and find a way to the Puck.

(If the Puck is not visible it can cause newcomers to become very frustrated, as they have no idea where it is or how to turn it on or even that it exists. If you’re a Photoshop user, you naturally go to the top Menu drop-downs to open a window for panning and zooming or navigating — but there’s nothing there).

2. The Puck is actually activated by clicking on the deeply un-intuitive icon of the Hammer, which is in the rainbow-shaped Lagoon…

3. Click and hold the Hammer icon, then slide your mouse cursor over to the Magnifying Glass icon.

4. This will make the Puck appear, and the Puck is how you can pan and zoom around in your picture. The Puck can be easily re-positioned.


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