Krita 3.3.1

The free Krita 3.3.1 digital inking/painting suite is out now. Not that I want to dissuade people from Sketchbook Pro, but not everyone in the world can afford a Sketchbook subscription + Photoshop and Krita does have some fascinating capabilities not (yet) found in other software. It’s wholly and genuinely free, being ‘open source’ like Blender.

I had very briefly tried Krita a while back, but it was quickly uninstalled after it repeatedly crashed when the window was passed over to my new Ugee tablet monitor. Today I decided to test it again, on hearing of Krita’s 3.3.1 release. I installed the new version via the 64-bit dedicated Windows installer (not the portable verion), and it now works fine on my Ugee. Krita has a nice old school Photoshop-y feel to it, everything seems logically placed, and I think I’ll try it out more when I get the time.

I see that Krita now ships with the more-stable-than-before G’MIC plugin as standard (access it via: Top menu bar | “Filter” | “Start G’MIC” | then press “update” to get the latest G’MIC). This appears to offer a huge amount of tweakable image processing abilities. However, the first time I ran G’MIC on simple line art, Krita crashed — which wasn’t encouraging. But G’MIC does enable some interesting-looking auto-colouring functions on line-art, so I’ll be trying again.

The blog of David Revoy is obviously a good one to follow for Krita tips and mini-tutorials. There’s also a handy Krita comic-book page frame-maker though you may fare better on Windows with Comic Life 3.


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