dA_ignore script for DeviantArt – updated for Eclipse

dA_ignore script for DeviantArt – updated for Eclipse

dA_ignore, a UserScript to hide unwanted profiles and comments on DeviantArt. Updated on GreasyFork on 18th April 2020, and (if you’re staying with DeviantArt) it now works with the new Eclipse. Kindly made by dediggefedde who also has other scripts.

1) It’s fairly straightforward to block and unblock, with a bright tab on each profile page…

2) To refine a new Ignore ‘block’ you then drill down into your own DeviantArt Settings, and you will see there a new sidebar link “Ignore User”. Clicking this opens up various checkboxes for refining the blocking…

The above screenshot looks like Classic DeviantArt, but was actually accessed under Eclipse.

The existing deviantART-Filter browser add-on also has a v6 for testers, which has Eclipse support.

It seems you can run both at once, and they complement each other. If you wish to port over your existing blocklist from the old deviantART-Filter, here’s how to do it… first make sure the add-on’s icon is showing up at the top of your browser, next to the address bar…

If it isn’t go into the browser’s addons list and click Details or similar. This should then offer an option to hide / un-hide the icon.

Back at DeviantArt, with the red icon visible, click it. This will open its control panel page.

I have 1,657 blocked users! This list exports as a .JSON file.

1) Open this with the Windows freeware JSONedit, filter the JSON on ‘username’, then go: Tools | Export as .CSV

2) Add the extension .CSV to the new file, and open it in Excel.

3) Copy out all the “usernames” column, and search-replace to remove the “” marks they are still wrapped in.

You now have a clean list to paste into dA_ignore’s name box. Incidentally, this name box can be enlarged, making it far easier to scroll and scan.

You can also paste the list to the official “Blocked Users” panel, though note there is a 48-hour timeout on unblocking/blocking, and the list won’t save if there are any dead usernames on there. With a list of 1,600 you may need to copy out only the live names, reload, and re-paste. In practice, it’s then still impossible to find the “invalid users” in a list, which means the list won’t save – which is why we need the browser add-ons instead.

Note that only deviantART-Filter has search results blocking, and if you want that in the new version then you will need to port your JSON blocklist from the old version, and re-install it into the new 6.0 version.