Adobe’s “Yes”

Adobe’s “Yes”

Adobe has automatically set “Yes” for Photoshop Cloud users, in the setting: “Allow my content to be used by Adobe for content improvement and development purposes”. In other words, to train AI models.

True, they have responded…

“Adobe does not use any data stored on customers’ Creative Cloud accounts to train its experimental Generative AI features.”

However the kicker there is the word “on”. As they admit that they do take it off your personal account, and then use it elsewhere. Because they also say…

“we first aggregate your content with other content and then use the aggregated content to train our algorithms and thus improve our products and services.”

The wording of “train our algorithms” is fairly clear, I think. Not specifically to train the mediocre and already-trained “Generative AI” modules, perhaps, as these currently exist in Photoshop. But possibly to train others, or to develop AI-assisted products as yet unannounced.

All the above is Cloud-only. If you have an old standalone desktop-only Photoshop, no need to worry. Though you may still want to block it from trying to go online.

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