Clip Studio Paint update

News from the makers of Clip Studio Paint (better known as Manga Studio)…

“New update to be released within 2017! More than 100 functions will be added and improved, including ‘Quick Access’ for a more efficient production.”

Also a new micro-currency, to purchase naff clipart backgrounds. Not so good.

Still, you can’t sniff at the big discounts which are still on. Clip Studio Paint Pro for $25 at Smith Micro.


Manga Studio released for the iPad

Clip Studio Paint (formerly much better known as Manga Studio), has a new version. Clip Studio Paint EX for iPad, just released.

“Apple Pencil support and makes full use of its precise pressure sensors and tilt detection, accurately adjusting line thickness and shades according to pressure and tilt for an almost hand drawn feel.”

Note that…

“Customers who install and register their download by 20th December (Wed), will be able to use the application free of charge for 6 months instead of $8.99 USD per month.”

Interestingly, the first comment at iTunes is…

“App looks like it has full desktop functionality and will even download your materials from the cloud if you have a Clip Studio account.”

Sketchbook 4.0 mobile

The mobile version of Sketchbook is being been updated, and is due for release this summer. Digital Arts has a round up of the new features and UI and a rough release date…

“SketchBook 4.0 will be released first for iOS [in summer 2017], and we expect upgrades for Android and Amazon Fire to follow.”

Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro 8.4 has also reportedly been updated to play nicely with the Windows 10 Creators Update issued in mid-April 2017.

SketchBook Mobile for Android

SketchBook¬†Mobile for Android has just been released, an “all new” version. Which is pretty cool, as I’m shortly to get a 7″ capacitive-screen tablet that reportedly had problems running the paid version of SketchBook for Android. It was absolutely fine with the free version, but not the paid for some reason. So it’ll be interesting to see if this just-released “all new” SketchBook¬†Mobile (not to be confused with the old Sketchbook Mobile) will run well on it…

“…the release of the all-new SketchBook Mobile. When we say all-new, we really mean it. This release is a whole new application with big changes. You’ll find across your Android and iOS devices – whether it’s a phone, tablet or phablet- the SketchBook experience will be virtually identical.”

The new version has auto-resize, so there are no longer phone and tablet versions, just one mobile version. A re-designed UI too. Plus better selection tools, gradient fills and flood-fills, and brush layer blending modes. The upgraded version is $3.99.


Also said to be compatable with the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 and the Pencil by FiftyThree.

Gravity Sketch

The Gravity Sketch, from London, UK. Sketch in space with …

* A transparent tablet with an embedded Arduino chip
* An infrared stylus
* Augmented reality glasses

Wear the AR glasses, draw 3d designs. See them hover in the air above the tablet. Rotate them with the stylus, as if they were a 3d model.

Now that’s a cool pad. Sadly we can’t buy it yet /whahhhaaa!!/ The team are still waiting for the UK Patent Office to award a patent.