Clip Studio Paint update

News from the makers of Clip Studio Paint (better known as Manga Studio)…

“New update to be released within 2017! More than 100 functions will be added and improved, including ‘Quick Access’ for a more efficient production.”

Also a new micro-currency, to purchase naff clipart backgrounds. Not so good.

Still, you can’t sniff at the big discounts which are still on. Clip Studio Paint Pro for $25 at Smith Micro.


Manga Studio released for the iPad

Clip Studio Paint (formerly much better known as Manga Studio), has a new version. Clip Studio Paint EX for iPad, just released.

“Apple Pencil support and makes full use of its precise pressure sensors and tilt detection, accurately adjusting line thickness and shades according to pressure and tilt for an almost hand drawn feel.”

Note that…

“Customers who install and register their download by 20th December (Wed), will be able to use the application free of charge for 6 months instead of $8.99 USD per month.”

Interestingly, the first comment at iTunes is…

“App looks like it has full desktop functionality and will even download your materials from the cloud if you have a Clip Studio account.”

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, half price

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro at half price, until Cyber Monday at midnight. Get a year’s subscription for $14.99 per year (usually $29.99). It seems you won’t get that deal at There’s nothing about it on Facebook either. The blurb is only at the blog

“…this Black Friday 50% off offer will expire on Monday at midnight.”

It seems that you download the 15-day trial, sign up via that, then pay by Credit Card ASAP and only then do you know that you’ve actually got the half-price offer.