Which version of Sketchbook?

Sketchbook Pro is a freehand pixel-based paint software. It comes in many versions. For the perplexed, this page surveys the various versions of Sketchbook that are available at May 2014:

Sketchbook Pro 2015 for PC or Mac

* There are two installers for this Business version, the disc (PC/Mac) or a download for Windows PCs. Both work the same once installed.

* If you own a previous desktop version, you may be able to get some kind of upgrade discount from Autodesk.

Sketchbook Pro 6 for PC or Mac

* Aimed at individual artists.

* A free full trial version is available. This gives you fifteen days of actual total use, rather than measuring the trial in calendar days.

* For those who can’t afford the new 2015 business version, Sketchbook Pro 6 is still widely available and very affordable (like, $30 or less).

* 6 lacks the Perspective and Flipbook features of the new 2015 version.

* 6 has a slightly different user interface to the 2015 edition, and the brush parameter options are sometimes a little different.

Sketchbook Designer

* Aimed at industrial and architectural users, this was included with the Autodesk Suites products.

* A hybrid raster/vector version of Sketchbook.

* Discontinued and now no longer sold. Last ever version was Sketchbook Designer 2014.

* It had Sketchbook Pro integration (as a launch button on Pro menu bar).

* It had vector export, including SVG for further use in Inkscape etc.

Sketchbook Pro (Mac, App Store download edition)

* Includes integration with Apple’s iCloud online storage.

* You cannot upgrade from this edition.

Sketchbook Pro (free Copic Edition)

* For Windows or Mac

* Has only 72 Copic colours

Sketchbook Express range

* A lightweight freebie for PC or Mac. Bundled as a freebie with some Wacom tablets.

* Just a few layers and a limited canvas.

* A small choice of brushes, only 15.

* Apparently works with iPad, Kindle Fire, and Windows Surface.

Sketchbook Mobile for the iPhone

* Less brushes than the iPad version. Only 45 brushes, no smudge tool.

* Offers the Copic colours.

* Still offers layers and transparency

Sketchbook Mobile X, aka Sketchbook Mobile Express

* A freebie for iPhones and and other mobile devices. Only five brushes, plus eraser and paint bucket. Layers, colour wheel and a Puck.

Sketchbook Pro for iPad

* Works well with the hardware.

* Has many more brushes than the desktop version ships with.

* Integrates with the DeviantArt website.

* Can work OK with third-party stylus tools, is not locked to the Apple tools only.

Sketchbook Mobile for Android

* After a very shaky start, it became just powerful as the iPad version and it basically worked the same. In October 2014 it was replaced by an “all-new” improved Sketchbook Mobile version, completely re-coded.

* Auto-resize to the screen, so there are no longer phone and tablet versions, just one mobile version.

* A re-designed UI too.

* Better selection tools

* Gradient fills and flood-fills

* Brush layer blending modes.

The upgraded Pro Tools version is $3.99, which gives access to more brushes, Coptic colours, and more.

Sketchbook Pro for Kindle Fire HD tablet

* Apparently the same as the Android version. If you get it on an old used Fire, make sure you update.

It appears that there is no longer an ‘educational discount’ version (there used to be), and students and teachers are instead pointed toward the Sketchbook Express freebie version and the Free Trial.


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